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Ring Re-Design

Don’t settle for less than perfection. Breathe new life into your jewellery with a redesign or restoration.

It’s amazing just how many pieces of jewellery people have hiding in old drawers and jewellery boxes, locked away, never to see the light of day.  You could bring old pieces to the forefront of your collection by restoring them, redesigning them, or repurposing their stones.

Ideas like this often get our customers creative juices flowing, especially when they understand the rare chance to revive a family heirloom that may have seen better days. Stones can be added, new metals can be used; there are almost no limits to what be achieved when it comes to a ring redesign.

Go ahead; take a look in your jewellery box. Which of those pieces could you breathe new life into? For a no obligation design consultation, talk to us today.