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Wedding Rings

Congratulations on your proposal! Now it’s time to say “I do” with a beautiful bespoke wedding ring.

All of our wedding rings are hand-crafted to match your creative vision. There are a wide range of options available when you consider how to design your wedding rings: a heartfelt hand-engraved sentiment on the inside of the band; a design that matches and compliments your other existing rings; or something completely custom with a real ‘wow’ factor.

We can craft your wedding rings in any of the traditional precious metals, as well as some more unorthodox materials; past projects have used Zirconium and even Titanium. We can also integrate organic touches such as wooden inlays, enamelling – even meteorite can be used to create a stand-out piece.

Shaped Wedding Rings

One way to make your wedding ring stand out is to opt for a shaped wedding ring design. This can include a variety of shapes and styles and the scope for creativity is vast, but the overall goal with a ring like this is to create a design that is unique and memorable. We can even help you design a shaped wedding band that matches your engagement ring. We can work with you to find a wedding ring shape that combines your desired stone and setting in a way that compliments the contours of your own hand.

Fitted Wedding Rings

If you have an engagement ring or other band with a specific shape, you may wish to have a fitted wedding ring that is perfectly moulded to match those contours. This kind of fitted wedding band can be worn together with your engagement ring so that they slot together perfectly. Talk to us about your existing rings and we will be able to identify your needs and find a fitting ring design that blends with your other rings beautifully.

Unique Wedding Rings Designed by Independent Jewellers

Whatever ideas you might have, we are happy to discuss them with you and do our part to make your wedding day extra special. Start planning your own bespoke weddings rings and talk to us today.