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Your year is here.

February 04, 2016

I bet you didn’t see it coming so quickly did you? What seemed like a couple of years ago (maybe more maybe less though) it’s now suddenly here.
Yes folks this is the year that you and your betrothed get to say “I do” to each other in whichever way you have thought it best to celebrate your commitments to one another.
Having been supplying wedding bands to you guys over the last 20 odd years, the wedding ring is sometimes the one thing on your list that gets sorted the last. We understand it’s not the Venue or the Vicar and it’s certainly not “The Dress” But like a good cake creator rings can take time to create and it’s design is to remain with you forever.
A bespoke ring at its most complex extremity may pass through 11 (maybe more) processes in order for your rings to be tucked away inside your best man’s pocket on the big day. This of course is at its most extreme, but it’s certainly worth thinking about the type of ring that you would like to wear, after all you will be wearing it for a very long time to come and we certainly believe that it’s worth giving a bit of thought too as to how you would like your rings to work for you.
Typically a custom made piece can take from pen to finger around 12 weeks to make, so if you are planning on commissioning a more daring piece then do try to plan ahead a little as it really does help our stress levels immensely.
The purpose is of course already set, but things to consider are the Aesthetics. Are you trying to match something you have, something you’ve seen? What are your expectations and maybe even a thought as to how much you wanted to part with for those slithers of metal placed upon your left hand.
Inspiration can be drawn from all around us, from celebrity fingers to stunning branded pieces thrust into our lives by various advertising Medias. There are those of you who will have not even have contemplated the permafeature that will be on show to the world declaring your highest commitment.
Whatever your take on the humble “Wedding Ring” rest assured there are some great jewellers our there (of course us included) who are able to guide you into making the right choices for you and your needs.
We always look forward to hearing from our newlyweds to be, and we look forward to helping you celebrate YOUR year in whichever way you choose, let’s hear those ideas of yours and make them a reality.

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Speak soon
Simon (Head Alchemist)